12.03.2023 worst type of dream. dreamt about my teeth crumbling in my mouth. horrible feeling, too real. i have so many dreams about my teeth. i hate it i hate it i HATE it!!!!!!!!!

11.30.2023 i'm so bad at this. over the past few days i've written down some bangers in my diary like "i ewaoaper" "gipdoutal" "caf" "slupperz" "fall cou" which...I have no clue what those are. the ONE thing i do remember though is "dontgo to sleep if eyesis late femceldatinga dvice pringleogo w girl"....a dream where i was literally browsing r*ddit, found an r/relationshipadvice post talking about how he upset his femcel gf by thinking "wtf" stood for "don't go to sleep if eyes...is late", and it had like...the pringle man....with sparkly blingee-like decorations...it sounds stupid but in my dream this was the funniest thing i had ever read. i laughed so hard i woke up, and was still giggling when i woke up until i was like "what...the fuck". the only other dream of note that i can remember was getting to go to an arcade with the leo/need members...i got to take cute photobooth pictures with shiho!! wawhahweah

11.29.2023 despite it not working yesterday, i did it again. today's notes were just (again, exactly as they were) "danc contest" "tum erudic dance sogn" "patrty??bathroom" "ovese". the only thing i actually remember is "ovese" (sort of)....amberlynn reid was in my dream, and thought it'd be easier to just write obese instead thinking i'd understand it when i woke up, which i thankfully did. except i have no fucking clue what she was doing in my dream, just that she was there. small steps though. i remember a bit more this time, at least.

11.27.2023 so.... since the previous night i'd forgotten my dream, i had the brilliant idea to jot down some notes about my dream if i woke up during the night so i wouldn't forget it so i could do a good diary entry. this...didn't work??? unsurprisingly?? i woke up twice during the night and my only notes are (written exactly as they were in my notes):
  • vaccium water
  • fire
  • fit

and then i woke up a bit later in the night and wrote
  • anials
  • wintr
  • joanna newsom
so basically i have no fucking clue what any of this means. maybe tonight will be better??

11.04.2023 i had a crazy dream!! but when i woke up i thought i'd be able to remember it and....fell back asleep...forgetting the really cool dream....ugh!!! something similar happened before i slept, too - i had a really cool idea for the website that i knew i'd be able to do with my own limited skillset, but then....i didn't write it down because again, i was certain i'd be able to remember it (i didn't)

11.03.23 nothing interesting. all i remember is having a dream about being at work...slaving away....wagie stuff. wish it was more interesting. oh well.
in progress kitchen - banana yoshimoto
11.03.23 the memory police - yoko ogawa
10.15.23 been down so long it looks like up to me - richard fariña
10.17.23 convenience store woman - sayaka murata
10.05.23 no longer human - osamu dazai
10.01.23 diary of a void - emi yagi

ongoing kimi to tsuzuru utakata - yuama
ongoing skip to loafer - misaki takamatsu
in progress i favor the villainess - inori
10.19.23 goodbye eri - tatsuki fujimoto
10.17.23 fire punch - tatsuki fujimoto
10.14.23 chi no wadachi - shuzo oshimi
10.10.23 aku no hana - shuzo oshimi
10.07.23 ao no flag - kaito

i'm also keeping up with some cringe romance webtoons but i am NOT telling u guys what they are!! hmph!!
this is my dream diary! i'll also include books and manga i recently finished, but i'm not good enough with words to be able to give any proper reviews. feel free to check them out though!!